Pricing & Rates

Are you a first-time author?

If so, and you have just finished your first draft, you may be overwhelmed and confused by the editing options available. I offer an editing package for authors in this conundrum: First Pass Editing—an option for those who are only beginning to approach the editing phase and aren’t sure what type of editing their book needs.

This option is designed to identify where your document is currently in terms of publishing preparedness and to recommend the next phase of necessary editing.

First Pass Editing is not designed to be a final edit. It’s a starting point.

For more on the definitions of editing see my blog post, “My document’s done! Do I need a proofreader or an editor?”

Do you know specifically which service you need?

Maybe you’re not new to this. Or maybe you’ve done your research, and you know what service your document requires. If so, see the pricing options below:

-Basic Proofreading

-Basic Copyediting

-Developmental Editing

Ask About Rates & Pricing Options:

Subscription Pricing

Best value for recurring content (such as blog posts, email marketing & newsletters).

Package Pricing

Several plans offered for custom services such as developmental editing.

Estimate Request

For custom projects.